On Wednesday 25th of May 2022, we hosted a webinar on How to get the most of your certification, connecting our Smart Approved WaterMark licensees.

The webinar provided a networking opportunity for businesses to share their Smart Approved WaterMark (SAWM) experiences.

The webinar was moderated by our CEO Chris Philpot; the Chair of our Expert Panel, Jeremy Cape provided an overview on the Smart Approved WaterMark and our Account Manager Michelle Thompson spoke about the benefits of certification.

“Our SAWM licensees share our commitment to raising water efficiency awareness in Australia. Our speakers generously shared insights into their businesses and how SAWM has been important and beneficial in being able to communicate the quality, sustainability, and water efficiency of their products.” – Chris Philpot, CEO, The Water Conservancy

We were joined by Nadine Riethmuller and Elise Mcatee from Water Corporation who presented on Waterwise accreditation in Western Australia and we heard from Eugenia Wolstein from Hoselink present a case study on How Hoselink use SAWM as a successful marketing tool.

“The webinar provided a great opportunity to share information about our waterwise industry program and its far reaching benefits with licensees.” Nadine Riethmuller, Water Corporation

“I felt that having that external certification would give additional credibility to our products and the claims that we make. I think it looks legitimate and that it is very beneficial and an additional help in convincing customers that the product is worth investing in.” - Michelle Di Micco, Hoselink.

“The Smart Approved WaterMark certification is important for Sunline Australia pool covers, it visibly shows to our customers that our products are sustainable and adds to our commitment to water efficiency. The webinar was a great platform to network and hear from other businesses.” Nicholas Aloi, Sunline Australia.

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