We regularly undertake research to help inform the water industry, product manufacturers, businesses and residential homeowners how best they can save water.

A Billion Water Using Minutes

In September 2021, we commissioned a new piece of quantitative research delving into attitudes and actions of Australians around the use of tap water. The research explored generational and state differences in terms of how many minutes they spent using water in different areas of the home. The research revealed a stark contradiction between our attitudes and actions, specifically how much we say we value water and how we use it.

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Australia's Relationship with Water

Water is taken for granted and subconsciously used. Water behaviours are deeply habitual so we used ethnographic and quantitative consumer research to understand their relationship with water. We hypothesized that by making ‘water visible’ - Australians would relate to it, value it and want to use it efficiently, If we could inspire a conscious relationship between every Australian and tap water it would significantly impact the nations household water use for the first time since the Millennium drought.

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Water Efficient Australia 2019

Smart Approved WaterMark and Water Services Association Australia have reviewed Australian water efficiency campaigns and initiatives to give you 'The Water Efficient Australia' report. This document demonstrates some of the most innovative programs and products being used around Australia to help customers and communities become more water efficient.

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