Research underpins everything we do. By understanding Australian attitudes to water, we have built a robust foundation for our strategy aiding us to improve water awareness and water literacy, as well as to help people understand their water consumption and facilitate water efficiency.

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Understanding water attitudes

We investigate Australia’s attitude towards water by authoring credible, statistically relevant research to help to inform, innovate and guide the water industry, product manufacturers, businesses and homeowners.

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Raising water awareness

We encourage everyone to acknowledge how often and where they use water. In doing so we will increase how much they value it and help them waste less.

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Improving water literacy

We increase water literacy and the understanding of the urban water cycle amongst all Australians in order to improve national water literacy.

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Facilitating water efficiency

We encourage Australians to be water efficient by implementing improved water using behaviours and water efficient technologies.

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Understanding water consumption

We seek to understand and communicate how much water is used every day in homes, work places and play areas to all Australians.

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