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We encourage everyone to acknowledge how often and where they use water. In doing so we will increase how much they value it and help them waste less.

Our Approach

  • We encourage households, businesses and schools to participate in water awareness events, giving them an opportunity to become aware of their own relationship with water and how often they use it.
  • We provide a certification Mark to make water efficiency top of mind for consumers and product manufacturers.
  • We provide interactive tools that help users understand where and when they use water.
  • We deliver engaging school incursions to primary school children that share unique and interactive performances to excite children about being water aware.

Programs include

  • Smart Approved WaterMark

    This program independently certifies water efficient products and services in Australia. The label helps consumers to shop wisely.

  • Walter Smart & Friends

    These performances and workshops are available for primary schools. Water knowledge is delivered in a fun, interactive pantomime style. Supported by multimedia to improve water literacy and behaviour.

  • Water Night

    Water Night is an annual event supporting stronger action on climate change and water awareness. We ask individuals and households to turn off all non-essential taps from 5-10pm