Young girl holding a garden hose

We encourage Australians to be water efficient by implementing improved water using behaviours and water efficient technologies.

Our Approach

  • We facilitate networks to generate cutting edge research and communications tools.
  • We make water efficiency tips, advice, tools and resources available for different audiences.
  • We enable shoppers to make water efficient choices when selecting products and services.
  • We liaise with product manufacturers and service delivery agents to support their innovations and to increase the amount of certified water efficient products and services.
  • We enable local water utilities and councils with water efficiency communication resources and training so they can influence the water using behaviours of their peers and communities.
  • We provide on site water use improvement services for the non-residential sector in partnership with trusted professionals to help businesses to become water efficient and reduce water waste across operations.
  • We deliver water efficiency knowledge to primary school children using professional actors.

Programs include

  • Smart Water Advice

    This program delivers a customized water efficiency resource for councils and water utilities across Australia. Ready to go tools and materials are rebranded and delivered on behalf of the subscriber.

  • Smart Approved WaterMark

    This program independently certifies water efficient products and services in Australia. The label helps consumers to shop wisely.

  • Smart Water Solutions

    This program delivers audits and provides practical suggestions to help larger non-residential businesses to use water more efficiently and to save water energy and money as a result.