Young man looking confused by a bill

We seek to understand and communicate how much water is used every day in homes, work places and play areas to all Australians.

Our Approach

  • We enable businesses to understand how much water they are using and where and the impacts is has on their environment and expenses. And how to make improvements.
  • We enable householders to measure and improve their water use with water calculators and unique interactive tools.
  • By understanding how much water is used for everyday tasks we see children amend their attitudes to water and their water using behaviour.

Programs include

  • Smart Water Solutions

    This program delivers audits and provides practical suggestions to help larger non-residential businesses to use water more efficiently and to save water energy and money as a result.

  • Smart Water Advice

    This program delivers a customized water efficiency resource for councils and water utilities across Australia. Ready to go tools and materials are rebranded and delivered on behalf of the subscriber.

  • Walter Smart & Friends

    These performances and workshops are available for primary schools. Water knowledge is delivered in a fun, interactive pantomime style. Supported by multimedia to improve water literacy and behaviour.