This Summer, when you are enjoying your BBQ or filling that paddling pool or water bottle, give a thought for water.

  • 90-95% of your beer is water – Approx 75ltrs (20 gallons) has been used to produce it*
  • 40% of a sausage is water** - A pound of sausage meat needs approx. 5,231ltrs (1,382 gallons) to make it*
  • 77% of a prawn is water***
  • 80Ltrs (21 gallons) is needed to make a simple salad (tomato, lettuce, cucumber)****

So, when you are enjoying your BBQ or fill that paddling pool or water bottle, give a thought for water.

Unlike Kangaroo Rats or Thorny Devils who can survive without it, we rely on water to survive, so let’s ensure we do all we can to think of how we might conserve more and waste less.

Kangaroo Rats

This little rodent never drinks water throughout his life, and does not need to drink water at all, as he gets the necessary moisture from the seeds on which he feeds. The kangaroo rat has special features that enable it to lower the metabolism to reduce the loss of moisture from the body, and it also excretes highly concentrated urine that does not lose water through excretion, in addition to being an animal that does not pant and does not sweat, and this is an excellent way to survive for rodents that live in arid deserts.

Thorny Devil

This Australian spineless lizard also does not drink water, because the spiky skin of the lizard helps absorb moisture from the air during cold nights or rain and enables the lizard to survive. These multi-purpose spines have become an excellent adaptation for this arid desert animal. It helps the lizard to live without drinking water.*****

We hope you enjoyed our fun facts about how much water is contained in your food and drink. Tell us your fun water facts or water saving tips for Summer - get in touch with us at