The Water Conservancy is excited to welcome back the annual Smart Approved WaterMark Product of the Year, Australia’s most leading-edge water conservation award that recognises water efficiency innovation in products and services.

The Smart Approved WaterMark Product of the Year was established in 2008. The criteria that the judges look for is:

  1. Innovation – is the product an innovative solution to water conservation, and/or is it the first to market in its category?
  2. Design – is the product easy to use, install and well designed?
  3. Marketability – what is the price point, affordability, and packaging of the product?
  4. Sustainability – what is the carbon footprint of the product?

All current SAWM certified products and services approved from 2014 will be eligible for the 2023 Award. Applications close 31 December 2022.

12 finalists will be selected across residential products, commercial products and service categories. The winning products and services will be announced in May and will feature in our newsletters and social media content. The winner will receive a trophy, a certificate, access to the Product of the Year logo and a marketing flyer that includes their testimonial and will feature as a dedicated SAWM website banner on the homepage.

In previous years, winning the title of Smart Approved WaterMark Product of the Year has proven to be a powerful marketing message. Previous winners of this esteemed award include:


Anova Solutions has been a part of the Smart Approved WaterMark scheme since 2009. The ANOVApot was granted the Product of the Year Award in 2010 for its unique design. Smart WaterMark’s Independent Expert Panel was greatly impressed by the inventive pot and its ability to not only save water, but also its proficiency in preventing the waste of fertiliser and run-off from pots.

Dr Malcolm Hunter CEO expressed his belief at application that acquiring independent credibility on the performance of the pot in the nursery industry would be greatly beneficial to his company. “The independent support by the Panel of the Smart Approved WaterMark, in its certification of the ANOVApot, adds to the credibility of our claims on the pot’s water saving attributes,” Hunter said.

Wobble-Tee Sprinklers

‘Our years of hard work was nationally recognised when the Wobble-Tee sprinkler won the Smart Approved WaterMark Product of the Year Award for its water efficiency and good design.’ Tony Holmes and Kathy Holmes - Founders and Owners of Wobble-Tee.

If you would like to have your Product or Service approved by the Smart Approved WaterMark, apply at

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