Does your school have what it takes to participate in Water Night?

We are asking all schools and students across the nation to participate in our water awareness initiative, Water Night, October 2023 – during National Water Week.

Unique consumer research

Our research titled ‘Australia’s Relationship with Water’ indicated that as many as 55% of Australians agree they are addicted to using their taps. 69% said they’d freak out if their taps stopped working yet only 42% consider tap water to be precious! Many of us use water mindlessly, and vastly underestimate how often we reach for the taps.

Eliminating Australia’s water literacy generation gap

This is even more evident among our nation’s youth who are significantly less water literate and significantly more likely to take tap water for granted. The water literacy gap between Baby Boomers and Gen Z generations is huge for a few reasons, not least that fewer parents are talking to their children about the value of water and water efficient behaviours as the years go on. We want to stop this trend.

Youth are the worst offenders — butthe best opportunity

Despite being the least water literate, Generation Z is also the most open and enthusiastic to learning and amending their water-using ways. Younger children are exposed to very little information about the household water cycle and water use so, involving them is incredibly important to us too. We believe taking part in Water Night will make a crucial difference to everyone.

What is Water Night?

The challenge is not to use taps, showers and running water from 5-10pm (use of water for hand hygiene and religious reasons is exempt of course).

We are asking all Australian households to sign up to Water Night to practice ‘water mindfulness’ and being self-aware when reaching for the tap. We believe that if we all discover just how often we reach for our taps and how subconsciously we do it – you, your family, friends and colleagues and others just like you, will have a whole new perspective on how you use water now and in future.

How can your school participate?

We would love your schools support to print off the materials on and include them in your lessons in the run up to the event. Parents and guardians registering for Water Night, will have an opportunity to acknowledge your school in their registration. This may be a great way to encourage competition between schools or specific classes. The school with the most registrations might have the chance to win prizes.

How can our students participate?

Water Night is about not using taps for one whole night. We think it will be quite difficult, so we need their help to remind their family and friends what to do during Water Night.

Do your staff and students have what it takes to take part in Water Night?

Challenge yourself and your school to participate and prepare to be amazed. You’ll never look at the tap in the same way again!

So please download the tools, have fun with this at your school, fill up those drink bottles and download our tap guardians.

Please help us to get families at your school to register at

Do you have any questions?

Please contact us if you have questions
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