Date: 08 February 2024

The Water Conservancy has entered into an agreement with The Alliance for Water Efficiency to extend the water efficiency certification - Smart Approved WaterMark - to product manufacturers in North America.

This independent assessment certification process provides a guarantee for consumers, businesses and the water industry that the certified products and services are water efficient, sustainable and fit for purpose.

Smart Approved WaterMark (SAWM) has been helping consumers choose water efficient products and services when shopping in Australia since 2004. SAWM has 87 approved products and services certified across various categories including watering, garden, turf, pool and spa, car washing, plumbing, greywater and bathroom.

Product manufacturers that have received endorsement through Smart Approved WaterMark gain a license to use the Mark on product packaging, their website, at point of sale and across marketing channels.

Chris Philpot, CEO, The Water Conservancy said ‘It’s an exciting opportunity to see SAWM mature and expand overseas. Working with the Alliance is a natural fit for The Water Conservancy as we are aligned in many of our objectives. Many of the SAWM products licensed in Australia have parent companies in North America so it is a natural extension of the certification program.’

Smart Approved WaterMark will review and approve water efficient products in North America and Canada that do not fit under the EPA WaterSense label. The first product to be successful in gaining a Smart Approved WaterMark license is Waterless Urinals. As the product uses no water it is ineligible for WaterSense but can now gain assessment as water saving under Smart Approved WaterMark.

‘The Smart Approved WaterMark certification builds on the success of U.S. EPA’s WaterSense program, which encourages companies to offer, and consumers to buy, water efficient products and services,’ said Ron Burke, CEO, The Alliance For Water Efficiency. ‘We welcome this opportunity to help promote the certification program for water efficient products and services offered in North America that are not eligible for the WaterSense label’.

The Smart Approved WaterMark Expert Panel reviews product applications and meets quarterly. Q1 applications for Smart Approved WaterMark license and certification close on Wednesday 27 March. Apply online at


The Water Conservancy is The 'not for profit' advisory hub for education, facilitation, and adoption of a more conscious and efficient approach to water use in Australia.

The Alliance for Water Efficiency is a stakeholder-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the efficient and sustainable use of water. It serves as a North American advocate for water-efficient products and programs, and provides information and assistance on water conservation efforts.