2023 marked the 4th annual Water Night event, run by The Water Conservancy.

In this report we detail the Water Night 2023 campaign, the new creative and channels we explored. We also assess the results, conclusions, and recommendations for 2024. Water Night 2023 has been the most successful year so far, breaking records from previous years.

Water Night 2023 featured a range of educational activities for kids, as well as sponsored giveaways as incentives for participation. Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, we were able to gift AirPods, a Bosch Dishwasher, and an Airgarden, among many others.

Participation across each state grew tremendously, with a majority more than doubling their previous participation.

Highlights include:

  • 213% increase in registrations from 2022
  • 42% increase in website conversions
  • Influencer costs reduced
  • First time Water Night make TV
  • Total campaign reach of over 22 million
  • Launched new water literacy research
  • Multiple events and activations completed.

Download the reports below to find out more: