Australians need water efficiency advice all year round. Often resourcing and budget can prevent that. That’s why we provide water suppliers with unique access to preprepared materials and online tools.

Since we know Australians are on auto-pilot when using water at home, we advocate Smart Water Advice - its so easy to use that your community will become aware of how often they reach for their taps and how much they use them consequently we inspiring them to conserve more water and waste less.

Over 85 water utilities and councils from across Australia and New Zealand subscribe to Smart Water Advice. Content is available for subscribers to embed within their own site or link directly to via provided banners. Resources can be customised, regionalised and re-branded.

For a small subscription fee, access can be gained to the Smart Water Advice platform which contains:

  • 35 pages of water saving content for homes, gardens and workplaces.
  • Interactive resources, for example the Plant Finder, Water Calculators and the Blue House.
  • 'How to' water efficiency videos and social media shareables
  • professionally produced television commercials available to rebrand as your own and embed in your site.
  • Wide range of collateral including water saving bill inserts, factsheets and self audit packs
  • Householder and hospitality materials and water saving kits
  • Children's activities, story books and interactive educational tools
  • Television commercial production

Benefits include:

  • No need for every organisation to spend time developing water efficiency resources independently.
  • Provides resources to organisations that do not have resources or time to produce such resources.
  • The collaborative nature of the program means that resources can be produced at low cost to each subscriber.
  • Central production ensures consistency of design and messaging.
  • Ready to go tools & materials that can be rebranded and delivered for each subscriber
  • Everything can embed/link to subscribers websites and social platforms
  • All new resources are shared to all subscribers

If you are a water utility, council or business seeking to encourage your community to use water more wisely then ‘Smart Water Advice’ is the tool for you.

Watch the video to find out more about the Smart Water Advice program.