We are committed to working together with local water utilities and businesses to find practical and effective opportunities to optimise water use. Water Efficiency Management Plans (WEMPs) are a key mechanism for tracking water use performance over time and a useful framework for progressing towards best practice management of water use. That's why we've developed a template to help you with this.

Preparing and implementing a WEMP involves:

  • Documenting and considering recent water use patterns
  • Developing an understanding of where and how water is being used
  • Identifying, quantifying, and planning water savings opportunities
  • Planning to continually improve monitoring and tracking

The benefits of WEMPs include:

  • Improved management of water consumption resulting in reduced water-related costs
  • Support of broad community efforts in reducing the likelihood that greater restrictions are introduced in the future
  • Change in staff behaviour and strengthened reputation
  • Streamlined water use reporting
  • Improved awareness of upgrade opportunities and feasibility