In 2019, we conducted 52 Smart Water Audits on behalf of Tamworth Regional Council - both council owned properties as well as large water using businesses.

Following the audits we provided detailed reports with recommendations identifying opportunities that could save as much as 24% of the total water currently used which is as much as 619 ML/annum or 1696.8 KL/per day.

'Since these businesses are situated in a drought affected region, many of them are well aware of the need to be water efficient. A great deal of them I spoke to have already started to make great inroads over the years. We are really helping them with fine tuning now with some businesses looking to optimise their processes, their efficiencies and their ability to implement water harvesting techniques or alternate supply/uses of waste water to reduce demand on potable supply.' Reid Butler, Principal of REIDenvironmental, our Smart Water Audit partner

Many of the businesses our team audited were eager to implement new ideas and ways to improve their business. Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School is diverting stormwater into a dam for re-use They have a high demand for their on-site farming as well as playing field irrigation. Concrete batching plants who rely on water to make their product, are into recycling and they collect on-site water really well. Hotels are retroffiting dual flush toilets, efficient kitchens and no irrigation.

'Many of the industrial sites are already water efficiency leaders within their own brands, but we have been struck by how engaged and open they have been to looking at taking things even further. There are some remarkable ideas coming out, and I think it highlights the genuine commitment to smart water management in the region.' Adam Jones, Water Efficiency Lead at BMT.