The Water Conservancy

Looking for the one? You can stop looking.

Smart Approved WaterMark
is the perfect match for you.

Looking for the one that finishes the puzzle?

Walter Smart and Friends is
the custom program for your campaign.

Looking for the one?

Smart Water Advice is
the subscription service you need
to save time, money & water.

Let's clink glasses (of water).

Smart Water Solutions will get your
organisations audited and trained!

Water Night - so good you'll
want to serenade us.

The nation-wide water literacy
campaign you need to be a part of!

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Understanding Water Attitudes

We understand attitudes to water use through credible research to help inform, innovate and guide Australians.

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Raising Water Awareness

We encourage everyone to acknowledge how often and where they use water, so we value it more, conserve more and waste less.

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Improving Water Literacy

We increase water literacy and the understanding of the urban water cycle amongst all Australians.

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Facilitating Water Efficiency

We encourage improved water efficient behaviours and technologies.

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Understanding Water Consumption

We communicate how much water is used every day in homes, work places and play areas.

About The Water Conservancy

The 'not for profit' advisory hub for education, facilitation, and adoption of a more conscious and efficient approach to water use in Australia.

Previously known as Smart Approved WaterMark, we've rebranded as The Water Conservancy with a broadened remit to enable all Australians to use water efficiently in order to conserve more and waste less.

What we do

Increasing everyone’s perceived value of water is key to conserving more and wasting less. We work with water suppliers, businesses and householders to help communities achieve that.

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The Water Conservancy Programs

We certify water efficient products and services and provide advice about saving water at home, at work and in the garden. We enable businesses to identify water savings with water audits and recommendations and provide a fantastic schools incursion program. We are also proud to run the annual water awareness initiative - 'Water Night'.

Smart Approved WaterMark

This program independently certifies water efficient products and services in Australia. The label helps consumers to shop wisely.

Smart Water Advice

This program delivers a customized water efficiency resource for councils and water utilities across Australia. Ready to go tools and materials are rebranded and delivered on behalf of the subscriber.

Smart Water Solutions

This program delivers audits and provides practical suggestions to help larger non-residential businesses to use water more efficiently and to save water energy and money as a result.

Walter Smart & Friends

These performances and workshops are available for primary schools. Water knowledge is delivered in a fun, interactive pantomime style. Supported by multimedia to improve water literacy and behaviour.

Water Night

Water Night is an annual event supporting stronger action on climate change and water awareness. We ask individuals and households to turn off all non-essential taps from 5-10pm